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Susan Chapman on “The Chemistry of Emotions”

How does the problem start? Unconsciously, we make an intention to be mindless, instead of mindful. (1:40)


Greg Heffron interviewed by Lydia Greyheart for the radio show “Love, Sex and Everything Between”

The natural state of open communication we all know. And how by neglecting our true experience, we end up closing down. 

Elesa Commerse – ‘Love Is A Verb’ From the “Choosing Love” weekend with Susan Gillis Chapman 2019


Susan Chapman on “The Five Keys to Mindful Communication”

Telling the truth means letting go of two types of self deception: mindless heart and heartless mind. (1:00)



Susan Chapman on “The Five Green Zone Institute Retreats”

In this interview from 2010 by Dr. Duanita Eleniak of the Mentoring Project, Susan describes the range of our Green Zone Institute workshops. (approx 5min)

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