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In the weeks since the Vancouver book launch in April I’ve been travelling, teaching and book-signing in Bellingham, Juneau, Boulder and Victoria. At the historic Boulder Bookstore we sold nearly 100 books, to the amazement of the owner, David Bolduc, who then moved my book to his ‘bestseller’ shelf. In Juneau a large crowd filled the library but unfortunately the UPS delivery went astray and the books didn’t arrive until after I left. My friend Helena Fagan took charge and arranged for the books to be sold a week later. In Victoria I was met by another packed house for the talk. The books were there, but not my voice. The sore throat I picked up in Boulder, aggravated by the forest fire smoke, had escalated into a case of laryngitis. Travelling is never easy, especially when you’re sick, but my friends and hosts — David, Helena and Kerry — have been extraordinarily kind and generous.

In August, I’ll do another radio show on the 8th, then a book event at Village Books in Bellingham on the 10th. Greg and I are off to the Bay Area on the 16th and then on the 28th I head back to Europe to teach programs in Cologne and Paris.

Cheers, Susan

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