Walking into The Unknown

Buddhist Inspired Lessons on Finding Peace in Freaky Times

Five Live Sessions (90 minutes) + one 1-on-1 coaching session
Wednesdays, May 31 - June 28
10:00am San Francisco/1pm New York/7pm Amsterdam

“During guided meditation, I felt my senses were more awake than ever. The whole experience opened and touched me.”
L.O. ~ Therapist
“Words can not describe how much this class is right on time for me and helping me move in more positive directions!“
L.R. ~ mother

This course starts in:
"How do I walk forward in my life when nobody knows what's going to happen?"

we live in wildly uncertain times

Walking Into the Unknown: Buddhist Inspired Lessons on Finding Real Peace in Strange and Uncertain Times focuses on unlocking some our most fundamental anxieties — especially how to live in a world which is not even close to predictable.

Let’s face it. Life is changing…

Only a few years ago, a global pandemic was unthinkable, and we are still grappling with the fallout from it…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our lives — and potentially our careers — in ways that are impossible to anticipate…

Our Mother Earth is facing massive changes to her environment — including to such basic things like the weather…

Our global economy is tilting and shifting… 

Many of these are brand new experiences that humans haven’t lived through before.

How do we face our lives in the midst of massive and chaotic change?

Learning how to be present — no matter what

For most of us, these changes bring up fear.

“Maybe everything will be horrible!”

We’ve seen the movies… We’ve read the books…

But a more accurate approach would ask, “When has human life not been uncertain?”

When we started building cities and battling each other for wealth?

When every third child died?

When the black plague — a novel contagion — raged through medieval Asia and Europe?

When WWI began? 


When the internet overturned the economies of the world?

Let’s face it. Life is change.

The good news is that for thousands of years the wisdom traditions of the East have given us tremendous teachings and practices about how to live a connected, engaged, authentic life… 

…even when everything you know is falling apart.

How do we recover from this loss of heart?

Finding our way back to the goodness in our lives requires us to live in a new way. 

We can’t be naive. Absolutely not.

But we can let go of what hasn’t been working. 

We can embrace and identify with these profound perspective of what life actually is.

And we need to start by letting go of judging ourselves for our pain and confusion. 

Kindness is a much stronger approach, and will guide us gently into greater peace and presence.

Open minded and Buddhist-inspired

Using his background as a Buddhist teacher and a student of comparative religions and philosophy, Green Zone Institute Executive Director and Senior Teacher Greg Heffron will guide you through short talks, guided mindfulness meditations and interactive exercises in each 90min session.

Though the course is Buddhist-inspired, we welcome anyone of any tradition — or no tradition! If you’re willing to connect with yourself, you can benefit from this approach — using the  methods and models to travel peacefully and joyfully through the rugged terrain of our changing world. 

1-on-1 Coaching Session

The course will also include a single 1-on-1 session with Greg where you can ask questions or offer feedback that you don’t feel comfortable bringing up in the sessions. (To be scheduled during the course.) 

Schedule and Time Commitment

90-minute sessions will be on: 
Wednesdays, May 31 – June 28
10:00am San Francisco, 7:00pm Amsterdam

AND one 1-on-1 coaching session with Greg over the period of the course (40min length – time slot to be determined)

NOTE: all sessions will be recorded, though live participation is highly encouraged.

"I’m very grateful for these teachings to help me through some hard situations in my life.”
~ G.L. - Mindfulness Trainer

This course is particularly important if you:

✅ Feel more and more upset about how life is going

✅ Are fearful about the future

✅ Find yourself shutting down from overwhelm

✅ Wonder if our human lives will change forever

✅  Can’t bear thinking about future generations and what they will face

✅  Find yourself longing for ‘the old days’

✅  Want to be able to be helpful, even to yourself

✅ Wish you could feel good again

Thoughts From the Presenter


Gregory Heffron MFA Nonfiction Writing, University of Iowa
Executive Director, Senior Teacher of Green Light Communication

Greg is the Executive Director of the Green Light Communication and teaches Mindful Communication throughout North America and Europe.

“Through the years, I have been privileged to witness how effective Mindful Communication is — whether I’m teaching basic mindfulness to newcomers, or diving deep with advanced meditators and those in the helping professions. Everyone benefits.“

In addition to an array of introductory courses, Greg has developed and teaches Green Light Communication’s Advanced Certification and Teacher Training courses across three continents, and in countries with cultures as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, Austria, Chile, United States, Switzerland, Poland and Holland.

“For me, it has been humbling and inspiring teaching across cultures, feeling each person’s uniqueness and our shared humanity. Regardless of who we are, we ALL struggle with disconnection, and we ALL long to feel connected.“

Greg is a featured author in the forthcoming Mindful Communication: Speaking and Listening with Wisdom and Compassion, released in April 2023 by Routledge Press.