Unconditional Connection From Birth to Death (and Beyond)

Flowing Through the Four Seasons of Relationship

Six Live Sessions (90 minutes) + one 1-on-1 coaching session
Thursdays, April 20 - May 25
10:00am San Francisco/1pm New York/7pm Amsterdam

"As a communication and conversation coach for decades, I have never found anything so easy and relevant for such a wide range of people. They get it literally in a flash..."
Chris T, Communication Coach, MA Counseling Psychology
“Words can not describe how much this class is right on time for me and helping me move in more positive directions!“
L.R. ~ mother

This course starts in:
Releasing Our Anxiety Around the Cycles of Everyday Connection and Disconnection

You Do Not Have to Repeat the Miseries of the Past

Unconditional Connection, From Birth to Death (and Beyond): Flowing Through the Four Seasons of Relationship focuses on some our most basic human anxieties — especially the fear of discord, misunderstanding and disconnection — and aims to unlock them.

Even when we’re ‘well trained’ in profound teachings on impermanence, the mindfulness of our emotions, etc, we also must be honest with ourselves. 

Many still struggle when hit by unexpected disconnection in close relationships. 

Whether it’s a friendship, a love relationship, a family relationship or even a work relationship — when someone we care about responds in an unexpected way, most of us still explode with anxiety and even reactivity. 

Maybe this person seems harsh, uncaring, puts us down, clings or manipulates us, or starts playing power games at our expense… 

Here, too often, our reactions take over and we find ourselves jarringly and painfully disconnected from ourselves — including feelings confusion, being ‘thrown,’ or even ruthlessly attacking ourselves. 

Why we can’t we break out of this pattern and actually ‘let it go…?’

For many of us, it is because we aren’t genuinely attuned with the actual relationships in our lives. We secretly struggle with falling into unconscious and unrealistic patterns. 

These keep us from being our natural selves in our relationships, and holding proper perspective on others in our lives.

Reactions from past pain or longing infects the present. Projected fears of the future distract us from what is happening now. And the situation breaks down further.

Worse still, the increasing disconnection exaggerates our already-ragged experience.

How do we recover from this loss of heart?

Finding our way back to the goodness of the relationships requires us to BE in a new way in our relationships. 

We have to let go of what hasn’t been working. 

We have to embrace and identify with the profound teachings of what relationship actually is.

And we need to let go of hidden self-aggression and hold ourselves with more and deeper kindness.

Finding Our Way Back Home

The best news is that this new way feels nurturing, wholesome, lively and wise. 

It’s even got a sense of humor!

Don’t keep struggling needlessly. Join this powerful journey back home to who you are… 

The Four Seasons of Relationship

Using a simple metaphor of the four seasons of the year, Green Light Communication Executive Director and Senior Teacher Greg Heffron will take us through short talks, guided mindfulness meditations and interactive exercises in each 90min session. These will offer us methods and models to travel peacefully and joyfully through the sometimes rugged terrain of our relationships. 

Note from Greg: for those with background in the Green Light approach, including Leaders, Teachers and other advanced students, this will not just be rehashing material you already know, but delving beyond, based on my own insights from going deep with The Four Seasons of Relationship since I first learned about them 14 years ago.

1-on-1 Coaching Session

The course will also include a single 1-on-1 session with Greg where you can ask questions or offer feedback that you don’t feel comfortable bringing up in the sessions. (To be scheduled during the course.)

Schedule and Time Commitment

90-minute sessions will be on: 
Thursdays, April 20 – May 25
10:00am San Francisco, 7:00pm Amsterdam

AND one 1-on-1 coaching session with Greg over the period of the course (40min length – time slot to be determined)

NOTE: all sessions will be recorded, though live participation is highly encouraged.

“During guided meditation, I felt my senses were more awake than ever. The whole experience opened and touched me.”
L.O.. ~ therapist
"I’m very grateful for these teachings to help me through some hard situations in my life.”
~ G.L. - Mindfulness Trainer

This course is particularly important if you:

✅ Are surprised by how upset relationship disconnects can make you

✅ Get lost in relationships and can’t pull back

✅ Have been betrayed in relationship

✅ Wish you could see “the big picture”

✅  Subtly avoid dealing with relationship issues

✅  Wish there was a more natural way to be yourself in relationship

✅  Long for more warmth, understanding, support and love

✅ Want to master the dance of relationship so that you feel deeper confidence in connection


Gregory Heffron MFA Nonfiction Writing, University of Iowa
Executive Director, Senior Teacher of Green Light Communication

Greg is the Executive Director of the Green Light Communication and teaches Mindful Communication throughout North America and Europe.

“Through the years, I have been privileged to witness how effective Mindful Communication is — whether I’m teaching basic mindfulness to newcomers, or diving deep with advanced meditators and those in the helping professions. Everyone benefits.“

In addition to an array of introductory courses, Greg has developed and teaches Green Light Communication’s Advanced Certification and Teacher Training courses across three continents, and in countries with cultures as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, Austria, Chile, United States, Switzerland, Poland and Holland.

“For me, it has been humbling and inspiring teaching across cultures, feeling each person’s uniqueness and our shared humanity. Regardless of who we are, we ALL struggle with disconnection, and we ALL long to feel connected.“

Greg is a featured author in the forthcoming Mindful Communication: Speaking and Listening with Wisdom and Compassion, released in April 2023 by Routledge Press.