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Welcome to the Teacher Training home page. This will be a place for me to post important information (see below).

At the bottom of this page is the link to the live sessions. The same link should be used for nearly every session, but keep an eye out for email updates in case of changes.

Greg Heffron
Executive Director
Green Zone Institute


Course Structure (Purchase Page)

The course structure/schedule/details are listed on the Purchase Page.

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Teaching sessions will be:
• 15min lecture
• 5min Q&A
• 10min group feedback.

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Course Texts

Natural Brilliance by Irini Rockwell

Course Forums

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Video Archive

Find videos of Thursday lectures on the Video Archive Page.

Resource/Diagram Archive

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Topics for Spontaneous Talks

Please teach all of these to a general/beginner audience (not a specialized audience).
1) The Best Strategy for Working With Self-Hatred
2) Why Stop When the Light is Red?
3) Being the Green Light Person in a Red Zone
4) The Four Seasons of Connection
5) The Three Lights and the Roots of Aggression
6)  Why We-First is Crucial
7) When I Can’t Reach Someone
8) Fluid, Frozen and In Between
9) Who Cares About Communication?
10) Being Mindful and Being Genuine
11) Mindful Anger/Mindless Anger
12) Mindful Love/Mindless Love
13) Mindful Boundaries vs. Mindless Barriers
14) What Makes a Toxic Conversation?

Teacher Training – Live Session Links

Schedule/Time: Every Tuesday 9AM PST Los Angeles time (Nov 3, 2020-March 9, 2021)
Length: 2 hours

NOTE: We will have no lectures on the following dates

  • December 15, 22, 29

Join Zoom Meeting

Link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84908089108?pwd=Tm1oQ2VZK3FoUkQwNkJvUGxXWkV1dz09

Meeting ID: 849 0808 9108

Passcode: 773563