tips for using our online communities

Issue: I can’t login


1) Have you been invited to join our Online Communities? Only prior participants of our workshops, or Season Pass holders are currently invited to join.

2) If you’ve been invited, have you Registered? To register, follow the directions in your Invitation email.

3) If you’ve been invited and have registered already, try using the “Lost Password” link below the login boxes at the top right column of most pages. That will allow you to send yourself a password reset email. Just follow the directions inside to find our your username and reset your password.


Issue:  How do I add/change my photo? Or change my name?


1) Be sure to login.

2) Click on your name or your photo. This will take you to your personal home page.

name and photo


3)  Click on “Profile.”

profile link


4) If you want to change your name, click on “Edit.” If you want to upload a photo, click “Change Avatar.”

edit profile

Issue: I’m receiving too many emails


1) Be sure to login (bottom right column of most pages, top left of a few).

2) Click on the Community link in the top navigation bar. Then on “Groups.”

3) Your discussion Groups will be listed. To the right of each group, you can set your email preferences quickly and easily. Just click the “change” link. A drop down menu will appear with a number of options.

email options

4) The email options are: A) NO EMAIL means you won’t get any email notifications when others post in the Group. You can still login and look at the conversations whenever you want! B) WEEKLY SUMMARY will send you a very short email summary once per week, with only the titles of the topics listed. C) DAILY DIGEST will send you a more thorough digest once per day, with short snippets of the conversation. D) NEW TOPICS will send you an email notification if someone starts a topic, but won’t let you know about further follow up comments. E) ALL EMAIL will send you an email every time anyone posts in the group, either beginning a topic or commenting on an existing discussion.


Issue: How do I start a new topic?


1) Be sure you login.

2) Navigate to the Group that best matches your topic.

3) Click on the “New Topic” link.

New Topic Link

4) Just fill out the form. Be sure to click “Post Topic.” Otherwise your work will be lost!

Post Form

Issue: How do I reply to a topic?


1) Below each discussion will be an “Add a Reply” box. Just fill it out to participate. Be sure to click “Post Reply.” Otherwise your work will be lost!

Reply box


Have other questions? Email us at [email protected]