The Green Zone Podcast

Susan Gillis Chapman, Greg Heffron and other Green Zone Institute teachers share their perspectives and experiences about how our challenging experiences can be brought into a “Green Zone” where compassion, mindfulness and insight support our personal and spiritual growth.

Ep 1 – Anger and Creating Skillful Boundaries with Susan Gillis Chapman

Ep 2 – The Rat Story with Susan Gillis Chapman

Ep 3 – Feedback and Open Mindedness with Susan Gillis Chapman

Ep 4 – Susan’s Interview with Awake in Relationship (32min)

“The filter bubbles of social media and hyper partisan political discourse seem to be making it harder to find common ground, even with those we love. In this episode with author Susan Gillis Chapman we explore mindful communication as a model for finding our way through divisiveness and back to connection.”

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Ep 5 – Greg Heffron’s Interview on The Meditation Freedom Podcast: “Influencing Our Relationships and the Future Through Mindful Communication.” (58min)