Reset Your Password

Below every login, there will be a link to reset your password.

Adding a Profile Photo

1) Click on your name in the forum next to any of your comments.

2) This will take you to your Account Home Page. Here, click on the link for Profile.

3) Then click “Change Profile Photo.

4) That will take you to the Profile Photo editing page. Click the little icon at upper right to edit/change the photo.

5) Follow the Instructions to upload a photo (JPG is best) from your computer. Then draw a box to crop the image as you like it. (Note that it must be cropped to be square.)

6) Be sure to click the Check mark icon at the bottom right when you’re finished. (See above)

7) Finally, be sure to click the “Update Avatar” button to save your changes.

Congratulations. That’s it. You’re done!

Change Your Username

TIP: If you haven’t yet uploaded a photo, click the icon that looks like this:

(Otherwise, click the photo of yourself you already uploaded.)

Change Your Email Notifications

Near the top of every page of the forums, you can adjust how you receive email notifications when others write to you. Click the word “change” to drop down a menu of options. NOTE: you will NOT get an email when you add a post or comment — only others will.

Responding to Others on Forum Discussions

Scroll to the bottom of a discussion Topic. There is a form there for you to enter your comments. Note that there are options to add links to websites, enter photos, use bold and italics, etc.

If instead, you want to reply directly to an individual, remember to use the small “reply” link just to the top right of their message. It looks like this:


Online forums and live sessions are for our community only. They will not appear on google searches, and nobody can see them who is not logged in as a member of our course. Please keep everyone’s comments private unless you ask for their permission to share outside the course.

Adding Information to Your Profile

You may add more information to your profile by following the directions above, but instead of changing the photo, you can click “Edit.” There are a number of other options you can add to your profile (“Website” “Phone Number” “Interests,” etc). Feel free to add as much or as little as you’d like.

Adding Your Own Discussion Topics

To add your own discussion topic, click “Forums” to get back to the Forums home page. Then scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a form to fill out to add a new discussion topic. This will be emailed out based on people’s email settings and others will hopefully begin to add their comments.


Still Confused?

Email us at [email protected] for further help.