Studying Mindful Communication in Ukraine

Published by Greg Heffron on

Green Zone Institute recently receive this message from our dear friend Irina Vorobiova, regarding the Five Keys to Mindful Communication program Greg Heffron taught in Ukraine in Fall 2017:

“The ability to communicate is an art. We do not all have the same talents in this field from birth, and therefore for me personally it is a valuable opportunity to develop our natural qualities, using what we have: the ability to be attentive, gentle, to become aware of what is happening at the moment, take the time, feel the interlocutor, feel the space, free ourselves.”

“I am very grateful to you for a very interesting and useful seminar in Ukraine in 2017. Especially I would like to note the cordial atmosphere in which the seminar was held, as well as valuable communication skills that could be applied in life.”