Radical Human Connection II

Embody the Five Keys | Navigate the Five Red Light Patterns

a mindfulness-based framework to uncover your natural connection with clients, family, friends, community and more...

90-minute Thursday Live Sessions + 1 small group meeting per week
2025 Winter and Spring — DATES TBA
9:30am San Francisco

“I felt that I was able to express myself and be heard in a very compassionate way. That was a great gift.”
Margaret Kelly
M.A. Candidate, Psychology (USA)
“In the beginning I just did this course for professional reasons but during the course I realized it really is something which brings me personally to corners within myself that I never would have looked at.”
Dr. Verena Plutzar
Educational Trainer (Vienna)

Radical Human Connection 2 picks up where Part 1 ended. Continuing with our Green Zones, we also enter into the powerful curriculum of The Five Keys (at a far deeper level than the recorded Five Keys course, and with proprietary material not included in any book). This introduces the powerful and unique Five Red Light Patterns — and how to create environments to unlock these frozen habits at every stage.

The Five Keys

  • Mindful Presence (staying connected to our fundamental capabilities in every moment)
  • Mindful Listening (sensing for the hidden value in others)
  • Mindful Speech (speaking truth in a way that can be received)
  • Mindful Relationship (navigating the ebbs and flows of warmth and intimacy)
  • Mindful Responses (spontaneous assessment and decision-making in a changing world)

These five fundamental principles allow you to navigate complex and changing human dynamics without becoming lost, demoralized, or burning your bridges — while simultaneously telling the truth, facilitating positive change and holding healthy boundaries.

The Five Red Light Patterns

  • The Cycle of Exclusion (“I don’t care about your experience.”)
  • The Cycle of Contempt (“You’re worth less than I am/we are.”)
  • The Cycle of Heartless Mind (“I will inflict revenge on you.”)
  • The Cycle of Mindless Heart (“I will manipulate you into becoming my ally.”)
  • The Cycle of Ruthlessness (“I will make you powerless.”)

These five patterns give you a perspective on every form of human negativity, and a positive template for how to anticipate and specifically counter stuck patterns when we encounter them in our lives, families, cultures and societies.

Graduates of our Advanced Training Courses


Having completed Radical Human Connection 1

Schedule and Time Commitment

90 minute lectures will be on Thursdays in North America (9:30am San Francisco/12:30pm New York) — evenings in Europe (check your local times, especially during daylight savings switches, which might vary by country). 

This course will require 5-10hrs of student time per week (including lectures and green zones).

A 90-minute small group “Green Zone” is also required. Scheduling of Green Zones will be determined by the small group participants.

The course will take place using the free Zoom software.

"Five more months is a lot to commit to..."

Have you felt the value from Part 1? Has it gotten into your everyday interactions and shown you the places you’re getting hung up in your interactions? Or maybe you’ve seen how it’s affecting your family, community or society.

To the same degree that Part 1 revealed how the fabric of relationship and connection can be torn, Part 2 will go that much deeper — and further still than that.

You’ve come this far. Go all the way and become the agent of transformation that this world needs — right when it needs you the most.

✅ Therapists

✅ Mindfulness Trainers

✅ Mediators

✅ Hospice Workers

✅ Medical Professionals

✅ Coaches

✅ Buddhists

✅ Experienced Mindfulness Meditators

Price: $1495

"I learned more in this course than in my two year Masters in Counseling. And that cost me $100,000."
Laurel Vogel
M.A. Counseling Psychology (USA)

Gregory Heffron MFA
Executive Director, Senior Teacher

Greg is the Executive Director of the Green Light Communication and teaches Mindful Communication throughout North America and Europe.

“Through the years, I have been privileged to witness how effective Mindful Communication is — whether I’m teaching basic mindfulness to newcomers, or diving deep with advanced meditators and those in the helping professions. Everyone benefits.“

In addition to an array of introductory courses, Greg has developed and teaches Green Light Communication’s Advanced Certification and Teacher Training courses across three continents, and in countries with cultures as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, Austria, Chile, United States, Switzerland, Poland and Holland.

“For me, it has been humbling and inspiring teaching across cultures, feeling each person’s uniqueness and our shared humanity. Regardless of who we are, we ALL struggle with disconnection, and we ALL long to feel connected.“

“In my own life, I have experienced a groundswell in my capacity to navigate life’s communication challenges, and feel more and more connected to myself — and to humanity as a whole.”