Radical Human Connection I

Balance Transparency, Kindness, Effectiveness and Attunement in Group Dynamics and One-on-one

a mindfulness-based framework to uncover your natural connection with clients, family, friends, community and more...

90-minute Thursday Live Sessions
Oct 17- December 12, 2024 11:00am San Francisco time zone

* plus one additional 90-minute small group session per week

“I found the course to be very relevant and applicable to the work that I do in restorative justice and mediation.”
Elvia Garcia (USA)
Conflict Management Professional
“As a communication and conversation coach for decades, I have never found anything so easy and relevant for such a wide range of people. They get it literally in a flash, enough to really get started…It makes me want to teach it to the whole world.”
Chris Trani (USA)
— Communication Coach, MA Counseling Psychology, Buddhist Teacher

The course

This course will work directly with the ways in which we mistakenly fall into catastrophic self-attack, and how to help bring ourselves — and others — back into our natural state of confidence, clarity and compassion.

We are proud to announce the fourth year of our Advanced Certification programming. This unique online experience allows those with a basic background in Green Light Communication to go deep into these important teachings.

This course aims to train leaders to take this vital approach out into a world which is very much in need of a ‘social safety net’ — the living web of relationship we create by returning with mindfulness to our innate openness, clarity and sensitivity. 

Developed initially by author and Buddhist teacher Susan Gillis Chapman, Green Light Communication Executive Director and Senior Teacher Greg Heffron has further innovated with additional models and methods. In this course, Greg will train a small and intimate cohort to develop the skills to facilitate conversations with individuals and groups — as well as uncovering genuine transformative insight within their own experience.

What is This Approach?

Green Light Communication is an approach which accepts all experiences — pleasurable or painful, surprising or soothing — as a clear opportunity to reconnect with our fundamentally trustworthy human nature. 

We live in a world which needs this ‘radically kind’ approach to human connection and interaction. This course gives you an opportunity to be part of this revolutionary community of Leaders & Teachers. 

With a skillset that goes beyond intellect and makes its way into your entire way of being, this course will develop participants to become “change agents” in any moment — from the personal, to the communal, to the political.


Schedule and Time Commitment

90 minute live sessions will be on Thursdays in North America (9:30am San Francisco/12:30pm New York) — evenings in Europe (check your local times, especially during daylight savings switches, which might vary by country).

This course will require 5-10hrs of student time per week (including lectures and green zones).

A 90-minute small group “Green Zone” is also required. Scheduling of Green Zones will be determined by the small group participants.

The course will take place using the free Zoom software.

Class Times

90-minute Thursday Live Sessions

9:30am San Francisco time zone

Price: US$1295

More information on Part 2 can be found here

Don't have the prerequisites? With your application, you can get $100 off our popular, pre-recorded course.

5-week recorded course: “The Five Keys to Mindful Communication

If you haven’t attended previous programs, this online course — alongside reading the book — will fulfill your prerequisites.

This course is based on the book of the same title, by retired Marriage and Family Therapist and senior Buddhist teacher, Susan Gillis Chapman. Chapman developed this unique material by combining traditional wisdom teachings from Tibet and India with a modern Western psychological orientation towards relationship, intimacy and community.

"I'm not sure that I want to commit to a long program..."

We totally understand. You need to find out more. To help with your decision, feel free to sign up for The Five Keys to Mindful Communication (detailed above). If you fill out the program application below — even to say you’re not ready yet — you can receive a coupon code for $100 off.

✅ Therapists

✅ Mindfulness Trainers

✅ Mediators

✅ Hospice Workers

✅ Medical Professionals

✅ Coaches

✅ Buddhists

✅ Experienced Mindfulness Meditators

What Our Past Participants Are Saying

“We all discovered when we shared our topics, issues and struggles in the Green Zone, there was always a perspective you could relate to. It was a magical, powerful thing.”
E.Schramm (Vienna)
Mediator, Solution-focused Coach

Gregory Heffron MFA
Executive Director, Senior Teacher

Greg is the Executive Director of the Green Light Communication and teaches Mindful Communication throughout North America and Europe.

“Through the years, I have been privileged to witness how effective Mindful Communication is — whether I’m teaching basic mindfulness to newcomers, or diving deep with advanced meditators and those in the helping professions. Everyone benefits.“

In addition to an array of introductory courses, Greg has developed and teaches Green Light Communication’s Advanced Certification and Teacher Training courses across three continents, and in countries with cultures as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, Austria, Chile, United States, Switzerland, Poland and Holland.

“For me, it has been humbling and inspiring teaching across cultures, feeling each person’s uniqueness and our shared humanity. Regardless of who we are, we ALL struggle with disconnection, and we ALL long to feel connected.“

“In my own life, I have experienced a groundswell in my capacity to navigate life’s communication challenges, and feel more and more connected to myself — and to humanity as a whole.”