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  • Tips for watching classes are below the class schedule.

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Past classes in this series

June 13th, 5pm (PST) – Yellow Light Reactions: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

July 11, 5pm (PST) – The Four Seasons of Mindful Relationship – Class 1:  Winter

Aug 22, 5pm (PST) – The Four Seasons of Mindful Relationship – Class 2: Spring

Sept 19, 5pm (PST) – The Four Seasons of Mindful Relationship – Class 3: Summer

Oct 17, 5pm (PST) – The Four Seasons of Mindful Relationships – Class 4: Autumn

Nov 14, 5pm (PST) – Spiritual Autobiography series, Part 1 of 3: Love and Loss

Dec 19, 5pm (PST) – Spiritual Autobiography series, Part 2 of 3: Transformative Crises

–> DATE CHANGE Jan 23, 5pm (PST) – Spiritual Autobiography series, Part 3 of 3: Tapestry of our Lives

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Tips for Watching Classes

Signing into a live class

You can simply click the link above and it will take you to the presentation. Sign in as a “Guest” using your name.


Testing Your Technology ahead of time

To test your technology, I would recommend trying to enter the room as soon as the link above is live. Nothing will be happening, but if you can see the classroom, with the chat window, etc, then your technology is probably working.

IMPORTANT:Your computer/portable device must be compatible with Adobe Connect technology. This streaming media system is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and some portable devices. Click to see a list of exact specifications, including specific browsers to use, etc. Note that for portable devices, you’ll need to install an Adobe Connect app from your app store. We cannot help with this process, so please try to do this ahead of time. Not all devices might be compatible, so if you have troubles, please check the specifications above.

Further, it’s important to have a strong internet connection. If you choose to use a Wi-Fi connection, please ensure that’s it’s fast enough to play streaming video at full speed. 


Getting the Time right

Please double check your local time at this online time zone convertor: http://timezone.bcdtravel.de.


Show up 15min ahead of time (4:45pm PST)

We highly recommend entering the online classroom at least 15min ahead of time. Green Zone Institute owner/teacher Greg Heffron will be there to help you test your system.