Tap Your Relational Intuition: an embodied approach to INTENSITY in intimacy & communication




Whether it’s family, romance, friendships or interactions at work, we can sometimes find ourselves feeling maxed out. Personalities clash, and the conversation changes so rapidly and unexpectedly we can’t keep up. There’s no time to think. We don’t know how to respond. But not responding properly has even more painful outcomes…

This can leave us feeling paralyzed. 

We need a better way. 

The good news is there is a better way. One that can lead us out of chaos and confusion and towards a more genuine, settled and confident way of being in relationship with others — even when things get intense.

In Tap Into Your Relationship Intuition, Buddhist teacher and communication expert Greg Heffron combines his background in mindful communication with the unique mind/body philosophy of mudra space awareness to reveal the embodied path through life’s most harrowing moments.

The class will include talks, exercises and meditations to take us beyond ideas and further into an integrated state where decision making and communication are natural and spontaneous.