(Polish Students) 4-month Mindful Communication Teacher Training Certification 2019


This exclusive Teacher Training is available to those who’ve completed the Advanced “Green Zone Leader” program.



Tuesdays at 9am Los Angeles (6pm Paris) for 2hrs. The course will be four months of classes, beginning Oct 22, 2019 through Feb 18, 2020. There will be no class Dec 17, Dec 24 and Dec 31st (holiday break). In addition, there will be some one-on-one meetings with instructors and some small group meetings.

The Process and Aim for the Training

The Mindful Communication Teacher Training Certification will focus on how to convey Susan Gillis Chapman’s Mindful Communication material to the public. The course will include theory and practice in how to structure talks and classes, leading key exercises, offering lectures and leading meditations. Students will offer sample lectures to their fellow students in class, as well as offering feedback to each other during the course. They’ll meet one-on-one with course leader Greg Heffron, and meet in small Green Zone teacher’s groups.

While students will be expected to have a competent understanding of Mindful Communication, it’s also the case that teachers themselves will still be learning. Teaching this material — as is true of teaching anything — allows one to go deeper through the preparation for a lecture, workshop or weekend. Prospective teachers should still feel comfortable with the material, even if they’re not fully “experts.”


This 16-week program will include online video chat once a week for 2 hours. In addition, there will be one-on-one meetings with the instructor and some small group meetings (schedule to be determined). These sessions will include lectures, exercises and testing — as well as short practice lectures offered by the students, both in small groups and to the larger class.To complete certification, each student will co-teach a live program with a Green Zone Institute Instructor. Feedback will occur in private sessions with Greg Heffron (and possibly other GZI teachers), as well as via written feedback. The participation requirement is to be present for 75% of the live online sessions. Missed sessions will be available to be reviewed on video or via audio.

Volunteer co-teaching in a live program with a GZI teacher will include the student offering at least one lecture, as well as assisting with exercises and other aspects of planning and executing the program. This live program may take place outside the 16-week class period, depending on individual schedules, and may require the student to travel at their own expense to participate (free of cost for the program). Free lodging for the student will be sought with program hosts whenever possible, but other expenses such as meals may be incurred by the student.

If the student would like to help organize a program where they live, this might be possible, but would require additional work to coordinate the program (or to find a volunteer coordinator), and depends on the workability of the location, finding students for the course, etc. The certification process is not complete until the student participates in the co-teaching experience.

What Does Certification Mean?

Becoming a “Certified Instructor” at Green Zone Institute allows the student to teach their own programs for personal profit, starting with “The Power of Peacemaking” and “The Four Seasons of Relationship.” Further programs will be available to teach after the student has shown facility teaching these basic programs — based on (live or video) meetings with senior teachers at Green Zone Institute. GZI will ask for video samples from a live teaching before certifying the Instructor to teach further programs from the curriculum.

Further, the Instructor is free to mix Mindful Communication material into their other professional activities, including workshops they teach in other disciplines. In these cases, the Certified Instructor is asked to mention the source of the material, so that interested students might seek our further resources.

Instructors will receive powerpoint (or keynote) templates for each program, as well as a basic syllabus for each program.

Certification Evaluation

Green Zone does not guarantee certification simply by participating in the Training. GZI reserves the right to require further coaching or training, or may decide not to certify a specific student. GZI also maintains the right to remove certification for a teacher at any time based on GZI’s core “Green Zone” principles and its aim of increasing the confidence, kindness and clarity of students in GZI courses.

Teacher Sponsorship of Susan Gillis Chapman as Green Zone Institute’s “Founding Teacher”

Instructors teaching Mindful Communication courses and workshops are required to offer 15% of their profits for each Mindful Communication program to Green Zone Institute to be passed to Susan Gillis Chapman as founding teacher and “vision holder” for Mindful Communication. NOTE: this does NOT apply to teaching where Mindful Communication is not the focus and the material is integrated into some other curriculum.

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