(Nov 2023) Poison into Medicine: Finding Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Wisdom in Chronic Illness​


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In five 90-minute classes, you’ll find new ways to be with your illness — and your life

Let’s be honest. Ongoing chronic illness is no fun.

The definition of “chronic illness” is that it goes on — either unpredictably, or predictably without an end date.

Will you feel better in a month or six months or a year?

Who knows?

And then there’s the discomfort… I don’t think an illness exists without discomfort. Even numbness is a form of discomfort (a serious one).

And when friends, family or coworkers say to you “I hope you’re feeling better!” it thrusts your mind down into the truth: that you’re not sure how to make that happen.

Or even if it truly can happen.


But beyond the surface, those of us with serious chronic illness often fall down a rabbit hole into a deeper kind of pain. 

We begin to be unkind to ourselves.

Sometimes we say things in our mind like, “Why can’t you just be normal for once?!”

Or: “This is happening because there’s something fundamentally wrong with you…”

Sometimes we don’t even notice being unkind to ourselves. It’s so “normal” we have learned to ignore these painful voices and cover them up with constant distractions: activities, TV, conversations, scrolling on our phone…

Anything to avoid our self-scolding.


Here’s the hidden truth. I’m just going to say it plainly. 

You’re actually ok.

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, you’re sick.

But you’re also just fine.

And overcoming that negative self-talk is crucial to your wellbeing.

I’m not saying you don’t have things to work on. Maybe you are doing things that make your symptoms worse. Maybe you did make mistakes in the past — I know I did.

But holding yourself with genuine self-respect and self-care will help you to discover those mistakes. And allow you to maximize your life in the midst of the challenges you face.

Self-compassion is exactly the medicine you need.


By looking into the life stories of renowned people like US President Franklin Roosevelt, the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo or the American writer Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit, Unbroken), we’ll contemplate how being sick can provide us greater insight, compassion and strength. 

Together, we will also address how to be ‘a great person’ and ‘live a great life…’  

…even if you’re stuck in bed or are dealing with daily pain.


Hello. I’m the course leader and Executive Director of Green Light Communication, Greg Heffron. I began my journey with chronic illness in 2002, and became mostly disabled by chronic fatigue syndrome beginning in 2007. 

Mine has often been a harsh journey. 

Sometimes midnight-black for months or years at a time.

Yet as the years pass by, I find life to be more and more joyful and fulfilling. My fear has released more and more due to the invaluable teachings and practices I’ve been given within Tibetan Buddhism and from valuable psychological teachings.

This course will not be “Buddhist,” but will share some of its timeless wisdom that transcends cultures and religions. 

Anyone is welcome who is tired of feeling disappointed and overwhelmed, and is willing to look at life with a fresh perspective.