Google’s Peter Weng – Mindfulness Reduces Bias and Heightens Inclusion

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peter weng - diagramGreen Zone Institute’s Greg Heffron was delighted to attend the presentation at the Berkeley National Laboratory by ex-Google Director Peter Weng on “Enabling Inclusion Through Mindfulness.” Instead of detailing the various type of bias, Weng focused on the underlying mechanism of bias itself, which is mindlessness — the variety of ways we separate ourselves from the present moment and fall into inaccurate concepts about others in our world. Weng’s excellent presentation included a 10min introduction to mindfulness meditation and helpful diagrams about how the awareness that grows from mindfulness feeds back into our experience, allowing us to increasingly replace automatic reactivity (connected with the ‘fight or flight’ response of the brain’s amygdala region) with conscious and potentially more accurate responses.


Peter Weng is the vice president of sales and marketing for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) and is also a Search Inside Yourself teacher.  Previously, Peter was a director at Google and led various organizations including global search quality evaluation as well as online sales and operations for Greater China. Prior to joining Google, Peter worked at Dell in sales, operations and marketing roles in the United States, Europe and Asia. Peter also held sales management and engineering positions with Rohm and Haas and Argo Scientific. He has worked on mindfulness and meditation programs in various settings including corporations and prisons. Peter serves on the board of Insight Santa Cruz and is also involved in work supporting wildlife conservation and sustainable transportation.

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