Online “Green Zone” Communities Have Launched

Published by Greg Heffron on

We’re proud to announce that our online communities have launched. Greg and Susan have been working the last two years on this project, which we hope will allow the various participants of our in-person workshops (and holders of our online class “Season Pass”) to interact, creating an online “green zone” where we can support each other in our explorations and struggles to apply the principles of The Three Lights, The Five Keys, The Four Stages of Heartlessness, and so on.

We’re not opening these groups to the general public. The reason for this is that Susan’s approach to mindful communication requires training, and a trained community can offer a different level of support and dialogue. We may in the future offer some sort of limited membership to the public, but for now the groups are available by invitation only.

The invitation includes a 90-day free trial, followed by a membership fee of $12/month. This includes our “90/90 Guarantee.” This means that if, at any point after the 90 day trial, you feel dissatisfied with the membership, we’ll refund you the last 90-days fees — no questions asked.

If you’ve been a participant of our in-person weekends or class series and didn’t receive an invitation, please let us know.



A Green Zone is a protected space in which to contemplate our experience with others. This support — creating a community atmosphere where “vulnerable conversations are welcome” — allows us the safety to notice our “projections” (the bias and subtle untruths we tell ourselves). Here, Susan refers to a story of slipping in public, and the effect of a stranger who came towards her with unexpected kindness, instead of judgment. This was a natural “green zone,” which allowed her to feel her vulnerability, notice what was arising in her mind, and lessened her tendency to leap “into the Red Light” of reactivity, self-aggression, blame or shut down.

[cc_half_col_left radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]From the Online Class “Yellow Light Reactions: A Case Of Mistaken Identity.” For more information on online classes, click here. To read more about The Three Lights and Mindful Communication, click here.[/cc_half_col_left][cc_clear][cc_break]