Online Communities – Coming Soon!

Published by Greg Heffron on

It’s been over a year since Susan and Greg conceived of online communities for Green Zone Institute retreats. It took longer than we thought, but on the other hand, web technology became more robust and flexible, allowing us to build the system we really wanted.

We’re in the final stages of perfecting this online Green Zone — where people trained in the same material can help each other work with the Yellow Light and find our way back into the Green Light. Once it’s finished, we’ll be inviting previous participants from our workshops to a free trial period!

These online communities will include:

  • group “discussions” (written) of Susan’s approach to Mindful Communication and how it can be applied to real situations
  • discussion between participants about real life situations — available both in pubic groups, and also in private conversations.
  • Susan and Greg can weigh in on topics and add additional resources and perspective. We’ll also be overseeing the discussion and helping it towards the Green Light.
  • a special monthly blog for workshop participants written by Susan and Greg — this will get into more detail with the Three Lights, Five Keys to Mindful Communication, Four Seasons of Relationship, etc than the site’s public blog.

To join the online community, one will need to participate in one of our weekend workshops. Hover your mouse over the “Programs” link at the top of this page to see our most recent schedule.