How (Not) to Follow Your Bliss

Published by Greg Heffron on


“Without mindfulness, advice like ‘Following Your Bliss’ can devolve into covering over challenging feelings with ‘positive’ ones. We do this when we lack confidence in our ability to encounter our minds and hearts exactly as they are. This constant self-distraction is hard work — we have to diligently manufacture these positive thoughts over and over. Further, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. The more we turn away from challenging thoughts and emotions, the more frightening they become. They’re the monsters in the dream that are always chasing us. And we are running so fast, we never turn around to see that what is chasing us is actually a tiny little creature. All thoughts are tiny in the moment — just wisps of smoke slipping through our mind. Yet smoke can cast a scary shadow. Turning and looking directly is the crucial way to relax. It can feel impossible, but with the support and training of mindfulness meditation, we can learn to do it. And eventually, with diligence, it becomes second nature.” ~ Greg Heffron

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