Full Money Back Guarantee

We’ve taught this material across the world, in many cultures and contexts — from children to business executives, from tough contexts like Ukraine to average people just trying to live a better life. We have such confidence in our approach, we will proudly offer anyone a full money back guarantee if they’re not satisfied that this material is changing their life is a positive way.

For any course under $150, just contact us using the form below. Let us know why you want a refund and we’ll give it to you no questions asked. (Ok, we might ask a question just to clarify your feedback to us, but that won’t affect your refund.)

For any course over $150, we ask that you do a phone or video meeting with Lead Teacher Greg Heffron to see if there’s any way to clarify the issues. We’ve had smart people misunderstand the material and sometimes a (lowkey) meeting can quickly and easily sort out the issues.

If at the end of that meeting you still want a refund, just let Greg know.

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