Mindfulness Training isn’t just for Top Athletes

Published by Greg Heffron on

LillardBlueFly2-e1357293447798Top flight professional athletes like Damian Lillard are using mindfulness training. But if you think it helps in the NBA, imagine how regular mindfulness practice could help when things are really tough — such as when we’re communicating with our spouse, our parents, or our children. Like training our bodies, mindfulness is training. When we let it slide, we get “out of shape.” When we make it a regular practice, we slowly acquire the benefits of knowing our mind.

Making a Regular Meditation Practice

– Try spending 10min a day practicing mindfulness meditation.

– Create a space to meditate. Find the cushion you like, or a chair where you can sit with your spine upright without being uptight. Remember to sit a little away from the back of the chair — slouching affects the mind.

– Try setting a timer or using a clock. Smartphone timers work great! This tests us by asking us to keep with our mind, even when it’s a little uncomfortable. Remember that the discomfort is only because you’re not familiar with your mind. In time, you’ll learn to know your ups and downs more fully and it won’t be so challenging.



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