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Esther Schramm






I am a mediator and solution focused coach as well as a scrum master which means supporting IT teams as a coach, mentor, fascilitator, trainer, conflict and crisis manager. Recently I started a tiny fintech company. As an autistic person I also support people on the spectrum and neurodiverse teams. In the autistic community toxic certainty about us is our normal life which means that a great number at some point in their lives are in danger to commit suicide or do it. I am very much interested in polyvagaltheory and I am fascinated how much the hypnosystemic thinking which is from where I start in my work with people relates to buddhist thinking. I am very greatful to Susan for the mindful communication approach which fills the gap for me that I felt even solution focus, hypnosystemics, violent free communication etc left. And I am so greatful to Greg who is bringing all this to life with us. Mindful communication changed my life. How I relate to myself, to others and how I deal with difficult interaction. Happy to be with you.