Online Video: The Four Seasons Of Mindful Relationship

This 1hr recorded class can be viewed anytime and provides a good introduction to the Green Zone Institute material.

This one-hour  online class  (view 5min sample below) introduces the four critical turning points that arise both in a single conversation and also in our relationships.  Applying mindful communication skills to these turning points is how we break out of life-long habits of heartless-mind (suppressing others) and mindless-heart (suppressing ourselves).We’ll learn to switch into a ‘we-first’ approach that draws on our natural human resources of ‘awake body, tender heart and open mind.’

In this sample clip, Susan describes the positive aspects of the Four Seasons, and goes into detail on “open” qualities of Winter and Spring. In the full presentation, she takes on the challenges we experience in each “season” of relationship and gives advice about how to let go of the four kinds of negativity that we give rise to.


Instructions: after you complete your purchase, you’ll be taken to a page on this site with the link to the presentation.

System requirements:  you must have the ability to play MP4 video (standard on Macs and PCs).



Susan-new-author-shot-300pxFor a bio of Susan Chapman, click here.