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How to Search This Page

Use your browsers “search” function to find keywords in the video descriptions. Typically, you can access this via Control-F on Windows and Command-F on Macs.

On an iPhone/iPad, you typically can search within a page in your web browser by 1) going to this page you’re on now, 2) erasing whatever is in the address bar of your browser and 3) adding your search word(s) there. Finally 4) scroll down on the list of options to the very bottom option: “On This Page.” Click this to find the search term on the page.

And if I Want to Search Within a Specific Video?

  1. Click to begin playing the video.
  2. Click the little youTube icon at the bottom right of the video. This will take you to the video on Youtube.
  3. Click the three little dots at the bottom right of the video.
  4. Choose “View Transcript.”
  5. Once the transcript loads, you can use your browser’s search function there to find key words.
  6. Note that when you find the exact line, you can click on it to take you right to that exact spot in the video.

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