Five Keys (wk5) – Four Modes of Spontaneous Compassion

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Spontaneous Compassion:

1. pacifying – creating welcoming space; connected to the Key of Mindful Presence.

2. enriching – nurturing; creating a inclusive atmosphere where everyone/everything is invited in; finding “the (hidden) gold” when someone is feeling fearful (Yellow Light); connected to the Key of Encouragement.

3. magnetizing – bringing awareness to patterns and rousing greater mindfulness; an articulate call to action that overcomes sluggishness and neglect; connected to the Key of Unconditional Friendliness and the power of discernment.

4. cutting through – taking action to avert harm; connected to the Key of Playfulness.


Greg Heffron

Greg Heffron

Greg Heffron directs Green Zone Institute. He was the first certified teacher of Mindful Communication authorized by Susan Gillis Chapman. He has been teaching Mindful Communication workshops since 2009, and has been a mindfulness meditation teacher since 2005. In 2005, he apprenticed with senior Mudra Space Awareness teacher Craig Smith, and became authorized to teach this unique mind-body meditation technique — included in nearly every workshop. Greg has taught Mindful Communication and Mudra Space Awareness workshops in Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine and across North America.