Work with the meditation on Welcoming using the Four Elements that Susan introduces at minute 20:44 in week two’s video. You can do this by yourself (not guided) if you feel comfortable, or you can replay the video. Try this for ten minutes each day.

End of Week Four

Congratulations on completing Week Four! Again, we recommend to wait and give yourself time before moving to the next class. This will allow you to contemplate and digest the material we’ve covered so far. Please take at least three days before proceeding. If insights or questions arise, feel free to Read more…

Stages of Mindless Heart

MINDLESS HEART: IGNORING IMPERMANENCE AND GIVING POWER AWAY I enjoy——> I want——> I need——> I can’t live without… Another way to view Red Light pattern is how we fall into strategies of manipulation. “I know what I want and I’ll do/say whatever I need to get it…” This can be Read more…

Love and Power

“Power without love is reckless and abusive, Love without power is sentimental and anemic. ” Martin Luther King Jr. . Love = engagement, tenderness, empathy + Power = clarity, ‘good boundaries’, accepting things as they are: impermanent, interdependent, egoless = Mindful Relationship