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Genuine Connection Is Challenging

Discover Your Natural Confidence
Become Clear, Compassionate and Effective

Green Light Communication can help if you...

Our courses can help you to...

Feel more relaxed & natural in conversations

Feel that you're more present

Feel deeply listened to & more deeply listen to others

Have a better sense of timing in your communications

Have more trust in yourself

Be more willing to take a risk, which could lead to better results, outcomes, & intimacy

Better Communication Leads to Better Connections In All Your Relationships

Personal and Professional

transform through a living practice of mindfulness

Green Light Communication programs utilize mindfulness and contemplative psychology to go beyond communication skill building. While learning new skills is important, if we don’t identify and relate to the emotional states we inhabit during challenging communication, following “correct” rules or patterns will still produce ineffective and even harmful results. 

If we learn to recognize and take advantage of our natural open state of mind (‘The Green Light’), communication can be genuine, fresh and lively — and far less complicate. This allows us to find “we-first” solutions with connection, precision, honesty and care.


Here's What Our Satisfied Customers Say

"We were trapped in the same cycle of disagreement and detachment. Now we have found our playful sides again"
Parent (of teens)
"I could see in action how the material offered so such practical wisdom that almost immediately enhanced my relationship with my children and partner and friends and family.”
E. B.
"I’m very grateful for these teachings to help me through some hard situations in my life.”
Mindfulness Trainer
“In academia, you get all kinds of models and methods but they remain rather abstract. But this course is hands-on."
Dr. MR

we have facilitators and teachers across multiple countries, cultures and continents

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