GZC – Past Resources, Videos and Broadcasts

Module 1 Week 1: Bringing You Into Our Community

This module is designed to allow newcomers and experienced students to join in and get oriented to our online community. 

Unit 1 We're so glad you've joined us
Unit 2 Let Us Know Which Day/Time Works for You
Unit 3 Let Us All Know Who You Are - Founding Member Forums
Unit 4 Wednesday: a Short Contemplation on Mindful Presence in Quarantine
Unit 5 A very personal message from Susan
Unit 6 Friday Live Broadcast: 9AM Pacific time
Unit 7 Susan - Green Zone Support for our Tender Heartedness
Module 2 Week 2 - Protecting Our Conversations

What is the view of protecting our conversations? What agreements can we make together? How does this affect where we can go in our communication?

Unit 1 Greg - How to Communicate in This Community (The Three Lights)
Unit 2 Susan - Protecting Our Conversations
Unit 3 Susan - What Impermanence Means for Communication
Unit 4 Greg - Following The Three Guidelines (for the Three Lights)
Unit 5 Greg - 7 minute sound meditation
Module 3 Week 3 - Caring for the Yellow Light

How do we care for our tenderness and vulnerability?

Unit 1 Greg - Live Broadcast - Caring for Our Yellow Light (40min)
Unit 2 Is Taking Care of Ourselves Self-Indulgent?
Unit 3 How to "Take Care" - Personal and Social Green Zones
Unit 4 Susan - Preventing the Spread of the Contagion
Unit 5 Greg - Resting in Beauty with Body, Heart and Mind
Module 4 Week 4 - Looking More Deeply at Our Experience

Open Mind is where we can ask our deepest questions and look deeply into our expectations.

Unit 1 Greg - Our Expectations and Disappointment About "The Relationship"
Unit 2 Tuesday Broadcast (Greg) - The Diving Board exercise/Checking in About the Community
Unit 3 Susan - The Natural World as the Gateway to Our National Communication system
Unit 4 Susan - How to Protect Ourselves From "Emotional Flooding"
Unit 5 Susan - Tenderness in the Midst of Uncertainty, Health in the Midst of Illness
Unit 6 Live Broadcast - The Three Lights in Relationship
Module 5 Fundamental Healthiness of the Green Light/The Illness of the Yellow and Red

What is our fundamental "healthy" (mindful) state? How do we lose track of that and fall into mindlessness?

Unit 1 Live Broadcast (Greg) - Meditating with Susan/Fundamental Health/How to Prevent the Infection from Spreading
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg) - Are Emotions a Kind of "Immune System?" (7:20)
Unit 3 (36min AUDIO) Susan - "Relational Tonglen: Creating Space for Hard Conversations"
Module 6 Week 6 - Feeling our We First Motivation

What does our We-First Principle really mean?

Unit 1 VIDEO: Greg (7:43) - We-First Goes Beyond a Transaction
Unit 2 Live Broadcast - We-First in Our Awake Bodies and in Our Conversations (even in the midst of COVID)
Unit 3 VIDEO (Susan): On Holding Pain Like a Child
Unit 4 VIDEO Susan (4min) - The We-First View of Sending Heart Flashes During the Pandemic
Unit 5 VIDEO (12:40) Greg - the Choicelessness of the We First View
Module 7 Week 7 (July 27-Aug 2): The Green Zone Principle

How do Green Zones function in our lives and with each other?

Unit 1 Live Broadcast (Greg 25min) - Introducing the Social Green Zone
Unit 2 Coming soon...
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 7min) - Cultivating Your Personal Green Zone
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg - 8min) Social Green Zones are Circles of Care
Unit 5 DIAGRAM - Personal and Social Green Zone
Module 8 Week 8 (August 3-9) - The Green Light is Mindful of Stress

Working with stress by viewing it as part of our Green Light experience.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 10min) - Beach Meditation on Letting Go
Unit 2 Live Broadcast (40min) - Flowing with Impermanence is Letting Go
Unit 3 VIDEO (Susan 3:45) - Unmasking Vulnerability During the Pandemic
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 6min): Going Beyond Good Advice: Unshakable Mindfulness as a Survival Skill
Unit 5 VIDEO (Greg 10min): "Letting Go and Activism"
Module 9 Week 9: August 10-16 - The Green Light is So Simple

Looking at the power of simplicity in our understanding of the Green Light.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 3min) - In Appreciation of Basic Beauty
Unit 2 Live Broadcast (Greg) - Practicing the Simplicity of the Green Light
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 9min): The Simplicity of the Green Light in our Conversations
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg - 5min): "The Green Light Grows from the Ground Up"
Module 10 Week 10 - Mindful Relationship

How do we connect to the Green Light in relationship?

Unit 1 Live Broadcast - The Three Lights in Relationship
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 7min) Relationship IS Taking Care of the Yellow Light
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min) - We First Isn't to Get What We Want (Or is it?)
Unit 4 VIDEO (Susan 4min) - Having a Conversation with Our Homes
Module 11 Week 11 - Personal Green Zone

Exploring how we cultivate our personal green zone.

Unit 1 (VIDEO 50min) Green Zone Connection Live Broadcast: "Cultivating Our Personal Green Zone"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 8min) "Nature as a Personal Green Zone"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 5min) - "Living in a Red Zone"
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 11min) "A We-First View of My Personal Green Zone"
Unit 5 VIDEO (Greg 6min) "A Personal Green Zone Asks Us to Keep Paying Attention"
Module 12 Conversations that matter: Social Green Zones

This week is about Social Green Zones: formal and informal.

Unit 1 Live Broadcast - Social Green Zones Create Protection for Our Vulnerability
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 7min) "Restorative Conversations Can Happen Spontaneously" (Informal Social Green Zones)
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min): "Are We Always in the Green Light in a Green Zone?"
Module 13 Ultimate Green Zone - Going Beyond Coping Strategies and Connecting with Reality

How do we see beyond each situation and connect with reality in a full-hearted way?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 11min) Ultimate Green Zone: "Learning When and How to Lift the Piano."
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 7min) Ultimate Green Zone Part 2: "The Basic Teachings ARE a Green Zone"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 8min) - Ultimate Green Zone Part 3: "There are No More Problems"
Module 14 Week 14 - The Green Light is Fluid

Living is a verb, not a noun.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Susan 6min) - Our Nature is Fluid
Unit 2 Live Broadcast - "The Green Light is Fluid"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 12min): "The Changing Tides of the Fluid Green Light"
Module 15 The Red Light is Not Bad

Exploring the essence of the Red Light.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 14min) "Exploring the Paradox of the Red Light"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 7min) - "Meditation on Acceptance"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min) - Witnessing the Red Light in Transition
Module 16 The Four Seasons of Relationship

For every season, turn, turn, turn...

Unit 1 Live Broadcast (Esther Hasselman 50min) - "Introduction to The Four Seasons"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 10min) - "Trying to Stop the Earth from Spinning: The Red Light in the Four Seasons"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 8min) - How NOT to Get Unstuck Within the Four Seasons
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 9min) - "The Beauty of the Four Seasons"
Module 17 Community Forum Week

Let's hear from the community and see what questions and topics are coming up.

Unit 1 Live Broadcast - Questions and Comments from our Community
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 12min) - "Trauma and the Lights"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 9min) "The Lights vs. The Zones"
Module 18 Green Zone in Ordinary Life

How can we apply this in everyday life?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 11min) - Green Zone in Ordinary Moments
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 7min) "A Social Green Zone at Dinner"
Module 19 Five Communication Superpowers

Featuring the videos from this week's webinar series.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg, 1hr 11min) Session 1: "The Five Communication Superpowers for the Helping Professions"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 1:07) Session 2 - "Five Mindful Communication Superpowers" seminars
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 1:15) Session 3 - "Five Communication Superpowers for Helping Professionals"
Module 20 The Dangers of Divisiveness

Clarifying our focus, our purpose, our intention...

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 8min) "We Are Doing This Work For the World"
Unit 2 Video (Greg 5min) - "Division is Not Our Natural State"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min) - "The Dangers of Inner Divisiveness"
Module 21 Healing Divisiveness

How to bring what has been torn back together.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Susan 5min) - "'We-First' is Something We Feel We When Reach Outside Ourselves"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg, 1hr) Live Broadcast - Healing Divisiveness Begins With Ourselves - Nov 9, 2020
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min) - Bridging Divisiveness by Acknowledging Sameness
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 4min) - "Finding Real Connections Not Manufacturing Fake Connection"
Module 22 No Words

What happens when we just listen?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 6min) No Words - On the Roof
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 6min) San Francisco No Words Walk
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg, 5min) - No Words: Birds, Buildings and Fountain
Module 23 When Life Feels Groundless

Working with uncertainty, confusion, surprise — and caring for the self-aggression that too-often arises in the midst of this.

Unit 1 VIDEO (LIVE BROADCAST, 1hr 5min): "The Green Light of Groundlessness"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 5min) - Ambiguous Communication: Every Conversation is a First Date
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 11min) Contemplating the Grey
Module 24 Listening Us Into Our Green Light

What does it take to listen us into our Green Light?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 44min) Live Broadcast - "Listening Us Into Our Natural State"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Susan 5min) - On Interrupting Aggression in Our Own Direct Experience
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min) - The Story of a Green Zone Friendship
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 5min)- Friendship Without Solutions
Module 25 Connection is Dynamic

Connection isn't something that is or isn't happening. It's changing, moment by moment.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Chris Trani 50min) Live Broadcast - Connection is Dynamic
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 46min) - The Three Lights as a Dynamic System
Unit 3 Should We Not Use Should? Could We Use Could?
Module 26 Keeping an Open Mind

How can we do this?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 43min): What Expectations Shut Down Our Open Mind?
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 8min) - Is it a Red Light Just Because I Disagree With It?
Module 27 What is The Green Zone Connection

Who are we? Why are we?

Unit 1 VIDEO (62min) Live Broadcast - What is the Green Zone Connection?
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 9min) - The Green Zone Connection is a We-First Community
Module 28 Discovering Unconditional Meaning in Life

Inside and outside

Unit 1 LIVE BROADCAST (Greg 37min) Meaning Comes from Balancing Inner and Outer Awareness
Unit 2 VIDEO (Susan 20min) Three Ways to Practice With Our Communication
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 6min) - Unconditional Meaning Overcomes our Adolescent Approach to Meaning
Module 29 Discovering We-First Communication in Our Everyday Lives

What is We First? How can we live it?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Vicky Moyle, 1hr): We-First Communication is a Living Exchange
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 48min) Live Broadcast - "We-First is not Morality, It's Reality"
Unit 3 AUDIO (Susan 34min): The Medicine of Mindful Self Compassion
Module 30 Sensing The Common Ground We Share

When we look into another's eyes, can we see them as fundamentally human?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Esther Hasselman, 47min): "Seeing Someone Else As Another You"
Unit 2 Appreciating the Common 'Green Zone' We Share
Unit 3 Live Broadcast (Greg 42min) - What Do We Need to Find Humanity in Someone Challenging
Module 31 Developing Radical Self-Appreciation

How to see the best in ourselves so we can see the best in each other.

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 49min) Developing Radical Self-Appreciation
Unit 2 VIDEO (Esther Hasselman 58min): Opening Up and Closing Down During Conversations
Module 32 Making Peace With Our Experience

What does it mean to make peace with ourselves and others?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 47min) - "Making Peace With Painful Conversations"
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 44min) Restorative Dialogue - Rebuilding the Bridges that Connect Us
Module 33 The Lights in Reality — Applying What We've Learned

How do we use the lights in everyday situations?

Unit 1 When We Don't Feel Close With Our Closest — Connection and Disconnection in Families
Unit 2 Protecting the Yellow Light When Family Triggers Us
Unit 3 Live Broadcast (Mary Bolton 51min) - The Lights and the Zones
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 50min) Barriers and Boundaries with Family
Unit 5 VIDEO (Elvia Garcia 48min): The Four Seasons of Difficult Conversations
Module 34 Mindful Communication On the Road

Mindful Communication as a travelogue...

Unit 1 VIDEO (Greg 10min) Stop When the Light is Red is the Essence of Dignity — an Adventure...
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 3min) - An Homage to my Childhood Green Zone
Unit 3 (VIDEO Greg 6min ) How Stepping Back Allows Us to Step Forward
Unit 4 VIDEO (Greg 7min) The Relational Ecosystem
Module 35 Getting to the Roots of Our Patterns

We often focus on symptoms, but what are the roots of our painful patterns?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Alejandra Navarette, 59min) The Heartless Mind Pattern and Forgiveness
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 57min) Mindful Communication as Mudra Space Awareness
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 2min) - Reflections Upon Dangerous Sea Cliffs
Module 36 Speaking Truth, Neither Exaggerating Nor Suppressing

Once we've listened, how do we say what's true?

Unit 1 VIDEO (Vicky Moyle 55min) - Right Speech from the Inside Out
Unit 2 VIDEO (Greg 7min) - You Can't Avoid "The Buzz Saw of Life"
Unit 3 VIDEO (Greg 27min): Bringing Our Life Experience into a Green Zone
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