“We have to be fully present in our prayers. We have to be fully present with each other.”

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“UAE Minister Al Roumi explained that she herself had already engaged in a mindfulness course and that both she and a number of her colleagues who took part found it to be extremely helpful.”

Global peace advocate and meditation ambassador Richard Reoch, writing from the intersection of mindfulness and modern Islam:

“….It all begins with the idea of ‘them’ and ‘us’,” says the young imam as we sit together on the floor of the mosque talking about the rising tide of hatred in the world. We gather after Friday prayers – young scholars in the rising generation of Muslim leaders – to talk about the global issues now facing humanity.”

“It is an unusual gathering, because we also practice mindfulness together. ‘The practice of mindfulness is important,’ one of the young imams tells me. ‘We appreciate it. We have to be fully present in whatever we do. We have to be fully present in our prayers. We have to be fully present with each other.’”

“Not only is our shared practice of mindfulness unusual, so is our location. We are at Morocco’s leading university Al Akhawayn – often known as AUI – established by royal decree to promote ‘the values of human solidarity and tolerance’ in this predominantly Muslim nation….”


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