The Hidden Wisdom of The Five Keys & the Five Buddha Families

connecting the dots to bring clarity, flexibility and embodiment to your mindful communication practice

Six Live Sessions (90 minutes)
Tuesdays, November 8 - December 13
10:00am San Francisco/7pm Amsterdam
Prerequisites: Green Zone Leaders/Teachers only

 The Hidden Wisdom of The Five Keys & the Five Buddha Families aims to take us beyond our concepts of “mindful communication” and into the deeper wisdom we’ve been studying together through the years.

The aim of course is not to “become a Buddhist” — but to touch the foundational human experience that Tantric Buddhism is pointing us towards, using our Green Light models and methods to point out “what we already know,” but are often unconscious of.

Through direct experience, lecture, group exercise, breakout rooms and other methods, we’ll discover in our own being the wisdom of The Five Buddha Families/The Five Keys and feel the unshakable truth of the Green Light within every person that irritates us. (And the rest too.)

Since this program is restricted to GZL graduates, this will allow us to spend time as a community of Leaders and Teachers, to discuss and practice in a more direct fashion, and to enjoy our differing styles, experience and insights.

Note: this will not just be rehashing material we already know, but delving beyond, based on my own insights from going deep with the Five Keys in the midst of 24 years contemplating the Buddha families.


Having completed the Green Zone Leader 8-month certification.

Schedule and Time Commitment

90-minute sessions will be on Tuesdays 
10:00am San Francisco, 7:00pm Amsterdam

NOTE: all sessions will be recorded.

Class Dates

November 8 – December 13