Dare To Be True: seeing beyond our eyes

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Seeing an exhibit of Picasso’s art scrambles the mind and opens up new ways of perceiving our world.  His work is proof that great art has nothing to do with ‘pretty’, but everything to do with ‘genuine’.  How do we make the most of the gift of our senses, expanding past the filter system– our cocoon– of what feels safely familiar?  Tasting food we’ve never eaten before, noticing colours that have no name, allowing ourselves to feel emotions that are beyond happy and sad?  There is a word:  daring. My childhood school had the motto ” Dare To Be True”.  True to each moment of our life, beyond pretty, beyond familiar, beyond secure or happy.  That is how we can be fully alive, even on our deathbed.  Thank you to the Seattle Art Museum for bringing us Picasso’s personal art collection.  And let us all have a good day– daring to be true and open to anything and everything that arises in our sense perceptions.

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Susan Gillis Chapman

teaches part time for Green Zone Institute and for Karuna Training. Susan is a retired Marital and Family therapist who has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 35 years.  She is the author of the book The Five Keys To Mindful Communication and a contributor to The Mindful Revolution, edited by Barry Boyce. Her website is: http://www.susangillischapman.com. Read more about Susan here.