Bonus Mindful Communication Video Bundle

We’re so glad you purchased our Bonus Mindful Communication Video Bundle. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. We encourage you to go slow and sink into this unique content. Each offering is unique and each illuminates this powerful approach from a different perspective.

Working With COVID, Racial Justice and Gender Fluidity

These short video offerings by Greg Heffron and Susan Chapman were responses to the incredible issues that made 2020 one of the most memorable and challenging years in modern history.


(May 25) A We-First View of Coronavirus Restrictions

Greg visits the beach on the first day they opened after nearly two months of closure.

(Sept 13) Susan Chapman – Our True Nature is Fluid

As Susan was heading towards her first chemotherapy treatment, she contemplated fluidity — gender and otherwise.

(June 1) Questioning ‘Inner Peace’ – After the George Floyd Protests

Greg lived in an area where wonderful protests happened and then looting was carried out by a different group all around his apartment. This contemplation is from the day after the looting.

(June 3) After a Black Lives Matter protest: “Focused Anger and Healing”

This message was a few days after the previous video, after a powerful protest.

(Sept 9) Positive Influence Means Speaking in a Way That Can be Heard

How one mother’s letter to her son changed history — for the better.

A Revolutionary Approach to Working with Uncertainty

with Greg Heffron

Explore the roots of shutting down communication and understanding how to stave off the communication breakdown before it happens.

Including Guided Meditation

The Four Seasons of Relationship

Presented by Dutch Mindful Communication teacher, Esther Hasselman

A light-hearted exploration of the inevitable and predictable shifts that occur in every relationship — from the great love of your life to the stranger you sit next to on the bus.

How to Keep Toxic Communication from Spreading

with Greg Heffron

Flowing with the River of Life’s Changes

with Greg Heffron

A guided meditation to making friends with our ever-shifting moment-to-moment experience of being alive.