Overcome Team Management Misery (full course)

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At work, the ongoing “people problems” can leave us feeling maxed out. Personalities clash, and the conversations, texts and emails come in so rapidly and unexpectedly we can’t keep up. Day after day, each new drama piles on top of the last. There’s no time to process… Nowhere to go with our feelings… And when we don’t know how to respond, we’re left feeling inadequate, and even ashamed at not being able to navigate through to success. 

The good news is there is a better way. One that can lead us out of chaos and confusion and towards a more genuine, settled and confident way of working — even when things get intense.

In Overcome Team Management Misery: 6 Weeks to Stop Hating Everyone (and Yourself) at Work, Buddhist teacher and communication trainer Greg Heffron brings his background in mindful communication to the most harrowing moments in the office.