Countering Fear with Welcoming

Published by Greg Heffron on

How can we heal the “Yellow Light” crisis of displacement, fear and uncertainty? By creating a strong and decisive We-First atmosphere, welcoming those in crisis. This is the way to make the situation safer and healthier, avoiding the fires of long term hatred we see burning in the Middle East.

Greg Heffron

Greg Heffron directs Green Zone Institute. He was the first certified teacher of Mindful Communication authorized by Susan Gillis Chapman. He has been teaching Mindful Communication workshops since 2009, and has been a mindfulness meditation teacher since 2005. In 2005, he apprenticed with senior Mudra Space Awareness teacher Craig Smith, and became authorized to teach this unique mind-body meditation technique — included in nearly every workshop. Greg has taught Mindful Communication and Mudra Space Awareness workshops in Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine and across North America.