Consulting for Individuals, Couples & Families

greg-SMC-teaching-shot2Green Zone Institute offers communication consulting for individuals, couples and families. And also for organizations & business.

One of the most challenging experiences in relationship is communication breakdown. This comes about from a loss of attunement, which is always accompanied by a sense of pain — even when the pain is ignored or numbed. Communication breakdown affects our lives in small and large ways.

  • For individuals — communication breakdown brings a lack of meaning, alienation, and frustration.
  • For couples — communication breakdown means a subtle or notable reduction of your joy together.
  • For families — communication breakdown leads to tension, lack of appreciation and difficulty moving forward together.

While we can sometimes rush to “solve” the issues, the truth that underlies these profound challenges can transform our lives. For this reason, the Mindful Heart approach is to allow the deeper layers of communication to gently rise to the surface. Regardless of whether we end up agreeing 100%, the re-emergence of The Green Light of openness allows each of us to regain our sense of groundedness, connection and engagement.

Consulting can happen in person, via phone or by video chat. Please contact us to request information on pricing.

By e-mail: [email protected]

Or phone: 424-268-0713


For video chat, please check your upload speed well ahead of time by using a web service like  Minimum bandwidth for video calling: consistent 600kbps/.6MB per second (up/down) minimum

For phone chat, please arrange to be on a strong phone connection in a location that is quiet and calm. Please charge your phone ahead of time, as well as any headsets or speaker systems.