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“Going through what has been literally the worst period of my life I genuinely don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had Greg by my side. He has helped me to stay level headed and to see the seemingly endless parade of different and difficult situations from a different perspective and this has allowed me to find my way to a deeper understanding of myself and of the other person in this equation. Kind, gentle but firm, Greg does not reinforce your preconceptions but rather guides you to discover truths on your own. I cannot recommend his counsel highly enough.”

What We Do Together

Coaching can help if you:

✅ Feel stuck

✅ Have tried other things but still feel frustrated

✅ Long for more trust and ease

✅ Feel the stress every day

✅ Can’t find a way to be both genuine and kind

✅ Are wearing a ‘mask’ to get along

✅ Fear there is no solution

✅ Wish you had the strength you don’t feel

✅ Can’t calm down

✅ Long for real joy

Those Around You Will Feel You Will Feel
More relaxed and natural More relaxed and natural
That you’re more present That you’re more present
That you’re more reliable That you’re more reliable
That you’re more compassionate That you’re more compassionate
Deeply listened to A better sense of timing
More trust in your intuition More willing to take a risk

What Do Greg's Clients Get?

Walk Through Your Doorway to Personal Transformation

A Focus on Gratitude as the Driving Principle of Life — instead of focusing on all the challenges and difficulties of transformation, let’s discover the incredible tools we have built into us, and work from that basis towards authenticity, clarity, kindness and joy.

Compassion Training — throw out the “should” word and focus on tuning in and feeling what’s really going on. Once you can connect in, you won’t have to “try” to be compassionate.

Mindfulness — watching our passing sensations, thoughts and emotions gives us a little space in every moment to decide where we fit in. Then we naturally decide what needs to be done, and how best to do it.

Meditation — practicing getting to know our own experience — deeply and intimately — allows us real freedom. Sessions will commonly include some form of guided or silent meditation.

Contemplative Writing — Greg holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Nonfiction Creative Writing from one of the most prestigious writing programs in the world (The Iowa Writer’s Workshop). Through his own work with memoir, he’s discovered many gateways into the deeper parts of our lives using simple (and enjoyable) written exercises.

Mind-Body Training (Deep Somatics) — Greg has been a teacher of mudra space awareness since 2006, and has taught this direct and powerful Buddhist somatic practice around the world. It will take you beyond just your mental chatter and help you connect with strength, decisiveness and support you didn’t realize you had inside you.

Tibetan Buddhist wisdom — Greg translates otherwise esoteric teachings into everyday language and examples that you will understand. This timeless philosophy shows us how to roll with life’s punches with grace, presence, delight and power.

Meaningful Conversations — what it is about a living, breathing conversation with someone who’s really listening that helps lift us out of our stuck places and glide towards a new ways of seeing things? Greg has not only taught this kind of conversation the last 13 years — he embodies it, being there for you and your explorations in every conversation.

"Greg is a unique force and presence in the world. I’ve been grateful to experience how he shines a light on the heart of the matter and invites me to see it too. I’ve particularly appreciated his capacity to connect my experiences and challenges with many different ways of seeing and being in the world. This has enabled me to see things and show up in new ways in my life. I am truly grateful for Greg’s skill, passion and capacity to bring out my greatest potential with a focus on creating the best life I can live for myself. ”
Nonprofit CEO, Aunt, Sister, Meditator

Short Excerpt From a Coaching Session

NOTE: this has been edited to protect client privacy.

"I’m very grateful for [coaching] to help me through some hard situations in my life."
Professional, Mother, Caregiver