Chemistry of Emotions next weekend

Published by Greg Heffron on

In the past few weeks we’ve been gifted with collective joy and openness as thousands of people gathered in Vancouver for the Olympics.  Our personal opinions about the idea of the games being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ melted like ice in the sea of smiling faces. Neighbours gathered along the street to catch a glimpse of the torch and it felt some kind of archetypal yearning to reconnect with the sacredness of fire.  At the same time, the weather warmed up and an early spring invited us to come out and play.  This weekend at Deer Lake we’ll be gathering for a retreat-workshop that will explore the chemistry of emotions.  We could also call it the chemistry of love.  What elements are at play in this miracle of opening, melting, warming up to each other?  Let’s find out.  See you there.

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