You Deserve More Fulfilling Relationships!

How to Truly Get Along with Your Partner, Family and Friends… Without Giving In or Giving Up

(Even If You Think It’s Hopeless)

"We were trapped in the same cycle of disagreement and detachment. Now we have found our playful sides again"
J. R.

Let’s face it. ALL OF US suffer when our relationships aren’t working.

Whether we are dragged down by the same useless arguments…

Whether it’s the same exhausting drama…

Or it’s just the pain we feel when we are shut down or shut out…

It all comes down to one thing…

Our communication has broken down.
Our ‘connection’ has dropped.

This ‘disconnection’ has wide-reaching effects: from our sense of individual wellbeing or even including our mental and physical health.

When we feel disconnected, we fear we will never be understood, seen, held, or loved.

But this is not the whole story.

True connection actually is possible.

Our course offers you a radical solution which can bring relief and confidence in all of your relationships — and a way forward that is workable, kind, effective and intelligent.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked

Our 7-part class series (1hr each) You Deserve More Fulfilling Relationships can help you if you are feeling disconnected from your:

✅ Spouse / Partner

✅ Friends

✅ Partners

✅ Child

✅ Siblings

✅ Co-workers

And most importantly of all: YOURSELF

Using our mindfulness tools, you will learn how to:

  • Prevent communication break down before it happens — or at least correctly identify it when it does;
  • Be less reactive to unexpected and challenging situations so you can remain grounded and not escalate toxic interactions;
  • Care for yourself with the confidence that you’re doing the best thing possible — even when a relationship doesn’t quite come together.

Once you understand how communication breaks down, you can apply our tools to avoid unnecessary conflict and rediscover a state of openness.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked


  • SIX 1 hour classes, pre-recorded so you can view them on your own schedule
  • A 7th BONUS Class to plan how to take these tools into your everyday life
  • A PDF Workbook of all the class visuals
  • Access to course discussion forums where you can interact with other participants and course facilitators/teachers
  • TWO months FREE in our online community, The Green Zone Connection, following completion of the course, where you can continue to learn and dialogue with other like-minded individuals about how to apply Mindful Communication in your everyday life.

Book Reviews for The Five Keys to Mindful Communication (source for the class material)

PLUS this limited offer includes this INCREDIBLE Mindful Communication Video Bundle:

FOUR 30 minute teachings or meditations exploring the roots of shutting down communication and understanding how to stave off the communication breakdown before it happens, presented by Greg Heffron, Green Zone Institute Executive Director and Green Zone Teacher and Mindfulness Trainer Esther Hasselman.

A Revolutionary Approach to Working with Uncertainty

The Four Seasons of Relationship

How To Keep Toxic Communication From Spreading

Flowing With the River of Life’s Changes (A Guided Meditation)


SEVEN short videos responding to the incredible issues that made 2020 one of the most memorable and challenging years in modern history. These videos are presented by Greg Heffron, Green Zone Institute Executive Director and Susan Chapman, author of The Five Keys to Mindful Communication and cover such wide-ranging topics as:

  • Working with COVID, Racial Justice and Gender Fluidity
  • A We-First View of Coronavirus Restrictions
  • Our True Nature is Fluid
  • Questioning ‘Inner’ Peace — After the George Floyd Protests
  • After a Black Lives Matter Protest: “Focused Anger and Healing”
  • Positive Influence Means Speaking in a Way That Can Be Heard
"Each class surprised me with a different way to unlock an old impasse: "How do I find my way back from this hurt?"
P. S.

This course is an IMPORTANT STEP towards freeing yourself from UNNECESSARY DRAMA and REDISCOVERING a sense of GRACE, INTELLIGENCE, HEART, and even JOY.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked

The course is pre-recorded, so you can view the videos on your own schedule. You will have access to a course discussion forum where you can interact with others in the course and course facilitators and teachers. Following completion of the course, you will receive 2 months free in our online community, The Green Zone Connection, where you can continue to learn and dialogue with other like-minded individuals about how to apply Mindful Communication in your everyday life.

In this course you will learn

Class 1: When We Lose Our Connection

How connection breaks, and what is the path that can take us from heartbroken (upset) to heart-full.

Class 2: Connecting with Ourselves

Uncovering our Natural Communication System that lives inside our direct human experience.

Class 3: Connecting with Others, Part 1

Longing to connect is part of our deepest human nature. When we shut down, we dis-attune. When we open up, we re-attune.

Class 4: Connecting with Others, Part 2

Looking at three fundamental states of connection that make or break our connections with others: Open, Closed, and In-Between.

Class 5: Connecting with Others, Part 3

Yes, fine, but what if there’s really serious damage in a relationship? (Remorse, repair, and rebuilding)

Class 6: Putting It All Together

Taking this out into the Big Wild World. And how to keep up our focus and motivation.

BONUS Class 7: Where Do We Go From Here?

Further free resources and inspirations to make what you’ve learned a daily part of your life.

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"Wonderful tools for every aspect of our daily lives.”
W. J. O.

Chris Trani
Mindful Communication Teacher

Chris Trani is an independent coach, consultant and facilitator who helps people build competence and confidence to have conversations they assess as complex, difficult – or even impossible.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, Chris leverages her background as an oncology nurse, a manager, a counselor, a management/leadership development consultant, a corporate leadership and communication coach and, a mindfulness facilitator to bring a breadth of experience to her clients.

Today Chris offers a wide range of customized programs and services aimed at building conversational competence.

Gregory Heffron MFA
Executive Director, Senior Teacher

Greg is the Executive Director of the Green Light Communication and teaches Mindful Communication throughout North America and Europe.

“Through the years, I have been privileged to witness how effective Mindful Communication is — whether I’m teaching basic mindfulness to newcomers, or diving deep with advanced meditators and those in the helping professions. Everyone benefits.“

In addition to an array of introductory courses, Greg has developed and teaches Green Light Communication’s Advanced Certification and Teacher Training courses across three continents, and in countries with cultures as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, Austria, Chile, United States, Switzerland, Poland and Holland.

“For me, it has been humbling and inspiring teaching across cultures, feeling each person’s uniqueness and our shared humanity. Regardless of who we are, we ALL struggle with disconnection, and we ALL long to feel connected.“

“In my own life, I have experienced a groundswell in my capacity to navigate life’s communication challenges, and feel more and more connected to myself — and to humanity as a whole.”

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