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David Richo“In a clear and at times humorous style this encouraging book gives our heart the green light to open. Susan Chapman presents accessible practices from Buddhism and the best in psychology to help this happen.”—David Richo, author of Coming Home to Who You Are



Karen Kissel Wegela“This is an invaluable resource for anyone who longs for connection with others. Susan Chapman’s simple explanations and engaging stories provide us with practical tools that let us recognize our shared humanity, moving us from a ‘me-first’ approach to a ‘we-first’ one.”—Karen Kissel Wegela, author of The Courage to Be Present and What Really Helps



“Anyone who seeks meaningful, effective connections with others personally and professionally will find much to practice and reflect upon in this book.”

East West Books


“The Five Keys to Mindful Communication” is a strongly recommended read, not to be overlooked.”

Midwest Book Review


“Given the lack of conversations in a culture fast becoming more and more obsessed with texting and emails, this is a very timely book which paves the way for a more hopeful future”


Susan explains the difference between trustworthy open emotions (“The Green Light”) and untrustworthy closed emotions (“The Red Light”)

Five star review: “The ideas in this book will open the door for tremendous self-healing even before they are applied to communication with others. Change begins with the conversations we have with ourselves. This book begins there and then shows us how to apply what we’ve learned to every other aspect of our lives.”



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