Advanced GZL Course 2018 – Video Archive

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Aug 30, 2018

(unfortunately, this recording didn’t capture all the participants – only me. I’ll work on this for future broadcasts)

This began with Greg offering a welcome to the course community.

Talk topic: “The Green Light”

  • Basic Goodness
  • The Green Light and challenges
  • The Green Light and Self-Trust
  • The Green Light and Genuine Pleasure
  • Going Beyond Hesitation (Doubt)

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Sept 6, 2018

To begin, we had a rich time sharing with each other our intentions for going deeper into this material.

Talk topics: “The Red Light”

  • The Mechanisms of Shutting Down (through the Three Lights)
  • The Creation of Duality
  • Mindfulness Approach to Red Light

Sept 13, 2018

Susan Gillis Chapman’s keynote on The Five Keys and the Five Buddha Families.