Communication is Natural

mindfulness connects us with our inner guidance


Natural communication connects us to situations as they evolve in real time. This allows us to adapt as the conversation shifts.


Genuine communication is not about one person or another. It's about the verbal 'dance' we do together in the present moment.


When we feel lost, Mindful Communication training allows us to regain our connection with ourselves and others.

During guided meditation, I felt my senses were more awake than ever. The whole experience opened and touched me.
M.K. - Community Organizer

All communication is a conversation. Our unique mindfulness-based training approach brings out our innate human capacities — allowing us to be clear, compassionate, genuine and effective. Our courses and retreats are based on The Five Keys to Mindful Communication by author and mindfulness teacher Susan Gillis Chapman and the work of mindfulness teacher and Executive Director Greg Heffron.

Our Programs

Click for a unique guided meditation on our “Natural Communication System”

Green Zone Institute programs utilize mindfulness meditation and the techniques of Contemplative Psychology and the Contemplative Arts. Mindful Communication goes beyond communication skill building. While learning new skills is important, if we don’t identify and relate to the emotional states we inhabit during challenging communication, following “correct” rules or patterns will still produce harmful and ineffective results. In contrast, if we learn to recognize and take advantage of our natural open state of mind (‘The Green Light’), communication can be genuine, fresh and lively. This allows for creative and unexpected solutions with connection and precision, honesty and care.

Senior Instructor Greg Heffron interviewed by Lydia Greyheart for the radio show Love, Sex and Everything Between

Greg describes the natural state of open communication, and how by suppressing our innate mindfulness, we end up closing down. 

Greg Heffron: What is Mindful Communication?

Greg Heffron — life’s constant communication

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Susan Chapman: Open & Closed Communication

Susan Gillis Chapman explains how being open is our natural state

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Click to hear interviews with Susan Gillis Chapman and Greg Heffron (and others) about The Five Keys to Mindful Communication and the different programs we offer.



Learn about The Three Lights in Susan Gillis Chapman’s article in the Shambhala Sun’s Mindful Living.


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