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Communication is a conversation. Our unique mindfulness-based training approach brings out the best in our conversations, while allowing us to be clear, genuine and effective. Our courses and retreats are based on The Five Keys to Mindful Communication by author and mindfulness teacher Susan Gillis Chapman.


SUSAN GILLIS CHAPMAN: from the Online Class “Yellow Light Reactions: A Case Of Mistaken Identity” 

How the creation of a “green zone” or protected space in which to contemplate our experience allows us the safety to notice our projections (i.e. the bias we overlay on our experience). Here, Susan refers to a story of slipping in public, and the effect of a stranger who came towards her with unexpected kindness, instead of judgment.

From the Online Class “Yellow Light Reactions: A Case Of Mistaken Identity.” For more information on online classes, click here. To read more about The Three Lights and Mindful Communication, click here.


Using mindfulness meditation and the techniques of Contemplative Psychology and Arts, our programs go beyond communication skill building. Without identifying and relating to the emotional states we inhabit in the midst of challenging communication, following “correct” rules or patterns can still result in a further shutdown of communication, and even harm. In contrast, if we learn to recognize and take advantage of an open state of mind (‘The Green Light’), dialogue is genuine, fresh and alive, allowing for creative and unexpected solutions that include warmth and precision, honesty and care.



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