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    Green Zone Institute is proud to announce our second year of our advanced online program. This course aims to train “Green Zone leaders” to take the Green Zone model out into a world. In this course, Green Zone Institute Director and Senior Teacher Greg Heffron will train a close cohort of participants to develop the skills to facilitate others as well as uncovering genuine transformative insight within their own experience.

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    The Five Keys to Mindful Communication are five tools to open up blocked communication and connect further with both ourselves and others. Based on the book of the same name (by Susan Gillis Chapman), this weekend workshop will help participants discover a unique mindfulness approach using short talks and dialogue exercises, and meditation practices which emphasize equally our bodies, our emotions and our minds. Participants will learn to identify natural openness within communication, and how to practice when communication breaks down—including when we feel a profound lack of confidence in ourselves and others.

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    In this pre-recorded video course (including one live session), Susan Gillis Chapman, a licensed marriage and family therapist and Buddhist teacher explains how the practice of mindfulness awareness can change the way we speak and listen, enhance our relationships, and help us achieve our goals. She teams with Senior Mindful Communication teacher and Director of Green Zone Institute Greg Heffron to guide a cohort of participants through the material and engage in exercises and reflections.

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    Come learn how Mindful Communication can enhance your ability to interact with your world with effectiveness, kindness, and truth. Based on The Five Keys to Mindful Communication, this popular five-day retreat aims to unlock stuck patterns of interaction, allowing us to rediscover our natural human ability to connect with ourselves and others.

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