Greg HeffronGreen Zone Institute offers communication consulting for individuals, couples & families, and for organizations & business.

Some communication/mediation services push towards “resolution” or “getting everyone on the same page.” While a noble aim, this approach can unintentionally manipulate or intimidate voices in the conversation, skipping over the deeper truth. Truth ignored only festers, resulting in more and stronger communication breakdown in the future.

  • For organizations — communication breakdown means your efforts can become fragmented and your staff is deprived of their inner drive and creativity.
  • For businesses — communication breakdown means losing the momentum and coherence of your team. Efficiency comes in part from mindfulness of the tasks at hand, and of the many ways in which your business could better provide for your customers, expand your market, etc.

The aim of the “Mindful Heart” approach is to allow the truth beneath the situation the space to reveal itself, bringing a renewal of connection, intelligence, enthusiasm and heart.

Consulting can happen in person, via phone or by video chat. Please contact us to request a bid.

By e-mail:

Or phone: 360-255-1123


For video chat, please check your upload speed well ahead of time by using a web service like  Minimum bandwidth for video calling: consistent 600kbps/.6MB per second (up/down) minimum

For phone chat, please arrange to be on a strong phone connection in a location that is quiet and calm. Please charge your phone ahead of time, as well as any headsets or speaker systems.