Susan’s Gillis Chapman on “An Organic Conversation”

Click here to listen The topic is  listening as love.  To me, this is the magic of mindful communication. Here’s a simple formula for this:  Stop – Look –   Listen. STOP:  The first stage of mindful listening is to work with our speed and distraction.  We need to simply stop, let go, make space.  We spend our […]

Making Space for Reactive Emotions

When we work with the reality of The Three Lights, the Red Light of reactive emotions can seem especially challenging. Red indicates that the communication is blocked by any of the five basic patterns (ignoring, blaming, arrogance, grasping/addiction and power games). Of course, our most painful experiences with others generally fall into one or more of […]

We’re modifying our name

Green Light Institute is changing its name to Green Zone Institute. The change is subtle, but the meaning is entirely the same. We’ll continue to provide the same material through our workshops and publications. Thanks to all our participants for your effort and support these last few years! Greg Heffron Green Zone Institute 0

Wisdom of Not Knowing

” He who knows nothing is nearer the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” Thomas Jefferson When I came across this quotation my first thought was: ” how do I know which one is me? ”  When my mind is filled with falsehoods and error I’m usually the last to […]