On not throwing fuel on a fire

One of the greatest strengths of Mindful Communication is almost impossible to notice. It’s invisible. Silent. Effective. And it comes when things get really difficult. It’s the power of “Stopping when the Light is Red.” This means one deceptively simple thing: not throwing fuel on a burning fire. Mindfulness Means Remembering to Notice What is […]

CNN – Susan Chapman on Tech Addiction

Susan Chapman’s approach to mindful communication showed up recently on CNN’s website, in an article on Tech Addiction by Amanda Enayati: When someone’s tech addiction causes you stress “….Communication is the essence of human relationships, says Susan Gillis Chapman, author of the book The Five Keys to Mindful Communication. “She uses the metaphor of changing […]

“Forget Survival of the Fittest: It Is Kindness That Counts” (Scientific American)

A psychologist probes how altruism, Darwinism and neurobiology mean that we can succeed by not being cutthroat. An interview of Dacher Keltner, director of the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory by David DiSalvo.   Dacher Keltner, director of the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory, investigates these questions from multiple angles, and often generates results that are both surprising and challenging. In his new […]

World Champion Kickboxer Shows that the Green Light is Stronger than a Kick

This is a great example of what we teach in our Power of Peacemaking programs — that true power doesn’t need to be fully unleashed to be effective. When one’s confidence goes beyond the idea of a threat, one can use that confidence — and the intelligence that goes with it — to defuse an […]

Power Down and Tune In to Solitude with Pema Chodron

In this clip, the American Buddhist nun and author Pema Chödrön talks to Bill Moyers about the value of not only powering down our electronic devices but also quieting the racing mind. “You quickly learn that distractions are not just phone calls and emails. Our own mind and our longings, our cravings and our fantasies are also […]

Susan Chapman: “Building a Green Zone Culture: Cooking Me into We”

This summer I performed two wedding ceremonies.  Both couples were obviously in love and expressed their vows to each other with deep, tearful authenticity, witnessed by family and friends. My husband was there to give me a hand. He and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, still in love. None of the weddings […]

“The Five Keys of Mindful Communication” published in German

Susan Chapman’s The Five Keys to Mindful Communication has finally been translated into German. Please pass word along to German speakers you know!   Susan Chapman ist Die fünf Schlüssel zur achtsamen Kommunikation endlich ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Bitte leiten Sie entlang zu Wort Deutsch sprechen Sie wissen! 0

Selection from “The Five Keys”: the No Trespassing Sign

 From page 122 of The Five Keys to Mindful Communication: “To transform the roots of aggression—fear and self-doubt—we need to know the difference between the primary, green-light emotion of sadness, and the secondary, red-light emotions created by the racing thoughts and stories of an angry mind. In between, the fear-based vulnerable feelings of the yellow […]