CNN – Susan Chapman on Tech Addiction

Susan Chapman’s approach to mindful communication showed up recently on CNN’s website, in an article on Tech Addiction by Amanda Enayati: When someone’s tech addiction causes you stress “….Communication is the essence of human relationships, says Susan Gillis Chapman, author of the book The Five Keys to Mindful Communication. “She uses the metaphor of changing […]

“The Five Keys of Mindful Communication” published in German

Susan Chapman’s The Five Keys to Mindful Communication has finally been translated into German. Please pass word along to German speakers you know!   Susan Chapman ist Die fünf Schlüssel zur achtsamen Kommunikation endlich ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Bitte leiten Sie entlang zu Wort Deutsch sprechen Sie wissen! 0

We’ve updated our website

Over the last few weeks, we’ve thoroughly reorganized our website to add new content, make it easier to navigate and to prepare for our upcoming launch for our online communities for past participants of our weekend programs. We’ve added a number of new videos and new blog posts. Browse around and let us know if you […]

Selection from “The Five Keys”: the No Trespassing Sign

 From page 122 of The Five Keys to Mindful Communication: “To transform the roots of aggression—fear and self-doubt—we need to know the difference between the primary, green-light emotion of sadness, and the secondary, red-light emotions created by the racing thoughts and stories of an angry mind. In between, the fear-based vulnerable feelings of the yellow […]

Online Communities – Coming Soon!

It’s been over a year since Susan and Greg conceived of online communities for Green Zone Institute retreats. It took longer than we thought, but on the other hand, web technology became more robust and flexible, allowing us to build the system we really wanted. We’re in the final stages of perfecting this online Green […]

Susan’s Sept 2012 article in Shambhala Sun magazine

The September 2012 issue of the Shambhala Sun magazine includes an article by Susan presenting a very simple version of the Three Lights, which can be applied in the midst of painful conflict in relationships. Learn how to create a “Heart Rock” moment to help facilitate the natural movement from me-first to we-first. 0